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Tom Balabanov , Past President

Derren J. Carman, Past Treasurer

Leslie Upton , Secretary
Telephone 604-984-0989

tomTom, president, started collecting as a kid, lost it as a teenager, then got the bug 30+ years later. Now collects worldwide classic singles before 1900 and keeps track of the collection in an old classic catalog he got from Fritz. Will never complete the collection! Also has a interest in micro-varieties in which theme have presented some displays at Vanpex. With Duff will be helping by arriving early for setup and take-down. Tom recently retired from being an IT manager for Central 1 Credit Union, is active in Masons, Drives Cancer patients, helps in a Care home, Investments, babysitting his granddaughter(s) and is active in the Meetup hiking club, and sometimes manages to pay attention to his wife. derrenDerren, a life member of the BC Phil, was acclaimed as the Society's treasurer in 2013; he has held that position for several years. Derren also maintains the Society's library of philatelic books and catalogues, and has been the prolific designer of BC Philatelic Society and VANPEX souvenir covers, labels, and posters, and served as exhibits chair for VANPEX 2009 and other BC Phil exhibitions. He also manages the Society's membership list. Derren collects Manchoukuo stamps and postal history, postcards and other memorabilia associated with the world's first jetliner, the Comet, and is a German civil-censorship specialist. Coordinates the sales circuits from the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. If you tell him what you collect, he will request circuit books to match your interests. Circuit books are available twice monthly for your perusal.

Eric Ranger

A life member of the BC Phil, is the Society's Archivist, serves as alternate club auctioneer, and has served as VANPEX Awards Committee Chair and the BC Phil's delegate to PIPEX.

Tom, George and Duff currently share responsibility for arriving early on meeting days to unlock the church, set up tables and chairs, organize the snack table, chair business meetings, and secure the church at the end of each meeting. They would appreciate having help with these tasks.

Bob Ingraham, Past President

Virgil Soh, BBA, REALTOR®
Telephone 604-710-0252 /

bob Bob was acclaimed once again as the President of the BC Philatelic Society in 2013, and resigned as active president early in 2014. He previously served as president from 2005 to 2008. Bob is a life member of the Society, and has served as vice president, programme committee chair, VANPEX exhibits chair, and VANPEX co-chair.

Bob collects stamps and postal history related to Great Britain's wartime economy, the Battle of the Atlantic, RAF/RCAF Bomber Command during the early years of the Second World War, the Vietnam War, three of America's "little wars" (the Korean War, the Philippine Insurrection, and General Pershing's Punitive Expedition to Mexico), propeller-driven airliners (particularly the early Douglas airliners), four particular aviation disasters, astronomy, and chickens.

Real estate agent with Amex Broadway West Realty. Interests are Brunei, Malaysia, Canada, U.S. and Japan. Volunteers to maintain the website, produces and edits the club newsletter. If you have any real estate questions, feel free to contact Virgil.                                      

Fritz Graf

Mike Strachan


Acclaimed as a life member of the BC Phil in 2013, Fritz is our "handyman-on-call," always prepared to lift, carry, pick up or deliver this or that here or there, drill a hole, mount a bracket, pound a nail, wield a screwdriver, or repair an exhibit frame. Fritz often serves as a generous "taxi driver" for members who no longer drive. For several years, has undertaken the important job of transporting VANPEX exhibit frames to and from show venues.

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