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Dear People,

I regret to inform all concerned that our senior member June Gibson passed away peacefully on the 27th of December, 2015, after a brief illness.

She was a guest of honour at my home on the 20th where she was received in good health and spirit and surrounded by her friends. Sadly the next day the first tell-tale signs of a problem manifested in June not "feeling well" which rapidly degenerated into a coma by the 26th.

I first met June on a Spring day in 1980 when I discovered a new stamp store: Hubert's Stamp Shop on Kingsway at Main and Broadway. I was an 18 year old snot nosed punk kid just beginning to learn the basics of organised philately when the proprietor of the establishment, Hubert van den Heuvel asked if I would like to work in the shop on a part time basis. A young collector's dream come true I readily agreed and on my first day of work was introduced to fellow part-timer: June Gibson.

June was a recently divorced lady of some 61 years of age and quickly took me under her wing, introducing me to the British Columbia Philatelic Society which I ultimately joined in 1983 and have been a member of ever since (32 years! Gadzooks!).

June was always a staunch supporter of the BC Phil and despite her erasable, and on occasion, abrasive English charm she was always a fierce friend.

She will be sorely missed by all those who knew her but especially those of us who had the honour of calling her friend.

Requiescat in Pace June.

Derren Carman,
Treasurer B.C. Phil.

June Gibson and Trevor Larden (BC Philatelic President)

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